A Tavola | A night at A Trabocchi
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A night at A Trabocchi

La Costa dei Trabocchi.
Discover Abruzzo’s Fishing Tradition.

Tuesday 3rd of July 2018
6:30pm for a 7pm start.

A seafood and wine experience like no other
$150pp wine inclusive
$100pp wine exclusive.

Join us for a night of sustainable regional seafood dishes and let us indulge you with delicacies from the sea and local Abruzesse wine. This is a must-do for any seafood aficionado.

Come and eat off the beaten track and discover one of Abruzzo’s most magical and unique eating experiences.

Off the coast of Chieti the farmers of Abruzzo tamed the fierce Adriatic sea back in the 18th century when crops were poor and families needed to eat. Extending their knowledge of the land into the sea they developed a fishing machine known as a Trabocco and created a deep and everlsating connection with the ocean. The Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio described them as the “giant spiders of the sea”.

Tell any Italian that you plan to have some frutti di mare on a trabocco and you are guaranteed to get that knowing wild smile.

Join us for the true taste of the Abruzzo coastline.

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